How to Copy Wii Games: Step by Step Instructions

Several readers have asked for more detailed instructions concerning how to duplicate Nintendo Wii video games, therefore I have written them up today for you to enjoy!

Now, years ago, you had to put in a mod chip in order to enjoy ripped games. I wrote about mod chips in the past, in this post. Essentially, a mod chip is a special kind of computer chip that you have to place inside your Wii console. This calls for cracking open your own Wii, which in turn voids the warranty.

Nowadays, there is a better option. Some resourceful coder created a software program which will actually remove the security off of Nintendo Wii games so that you need not mod your Wii at all in order to play the duplicated games.

So without further ado, here are the information:


Download the software, and save the executable file on your computer’s desktop. The same file is fine on both a Mac or PC. I think they are currently developing a package for Linux.


Install the application. Get the file on your desktop. Double click on it. Hit next each time that it prompts you. You’ll be aware that you’re done when you get a screen telling you that the installation is finished.


Choose the Wii game you want to duplicate. Load it into the optical drive (the CD or DVD burner) on your pc or Mac.


Launch the game clone application which you installed. (Simply double click on the icon within the desktop)


This step is where the main difference comes in as opposed to trying to duplicate games using standard CD burning software programs like Windows Media Player or even Roxio. You have to “rip” the game disc. Select the selection in the game copy software to extract, after which choose where you want to store the file. I recommend just using the desktop just as before. And then click “Start”.


Alright, if you managed to get this far, Now I’m presuming that the copy completed properly. If not, start again at Step Two. At this point, take out the game disc from your optical drive, and place a blank CD or DVD into it. Any kind of CD or DVD which is compatible with your drive will work. Inside the applications menu, select “write” mode. Then browse to the file which it copied to your desktop. Click “Start”.


When it finishes, the app may play some amusing music to tell you that it’s completed, and will report that it is finished. Excellent! Now you simply just remove the game, make a label onto it using a sharpie pen, and you are good to go! Remember to put your master copy of the game in a safe and secure location, and also to always play with your copied game!

Which means that you now needn’t be a computer hardware hacker or even void the warranty just to backup games as is your legal right. Simply just stick to these instructions, and you will be good to go!

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