Label Printing – The Digital Process

Label printing is done through state-of-the-art presses. This provides customers with high quality labels and stickers without requiring a large, costly purchase. So, if you need one sticker or up to 50,000, digital printing is the way to go.

Label printing can be done on the Epson Stylus Pro 4800, a relatively new press on the market. This press offers many different advantages, including: 

-High resolution images and text, allowing your designs to be as sharp and eye-catching as they possibly can
-Fast printing so that you can have your labels sooner
-Eight different ink levels, including three black channels that offer wider color selections and spot-color solutions
-Inks that are of the highest quality and durability, allowing your products and labels to remain intact for a very long time, both on the shelf and off
-Top-of-the-line black and white technology for label printing
-Technology that is full-bleed and allows labels to be trimmed so that they have no borders
-Stickers and labels up to 17 inches wide can be printed

Label printing would not be complete without the right finishing process. For this, the Allen Datagraph Systems Digital Finishing System is a fantastic choice. The system works well alongside the Epson press, allowing your labels to be prepared completely, including the following tasks: 
-Shape-cutting with precision blades
-Removal of waste materials
-Slits and perforations as needed
-Re-rolling of the labels upon completion
The use of the Epson Press and Allen Datagraph allows the label printing process to be done in one big production, so that no time or resources are wasted. The goal is to get the product to you in a quick and efficient manner. The streamlined processes will allow for better production quality, faster turnaround time, and more affordable printing services than you’ll find in most other locations. 

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