Mobile Website Design and Apps, Make Smartphones the Remote Controls to Our Lives!

The remote controls to our lives!

Smart devices, particularly smartphones, have become and are becoming even more so, the remote controls to our lives. This has been bought about by the amazing growth of apps and mobile friendly websites. These enable users to do practically anything they want with them. From buying products and services to finding useful information on the move, even for booking and tracking a taxi! Pretty much every useful function is covered. People are even using apps for ‘smart homes’ where you can remotely do everything from change the room temperature to running a bath! The most exciting thing is that we are just at the start of this phenomenon, so who knows exactly how far we can go with it! One thing for sure is that it’s here to stay and will only become more powerful as we fully embrace this technology.

With a strong, mobile friendly web presence, apps, engaging content, videos, push messages and powerful calls to action, businesses are able to catch potential customers anytime in which they are in possession of their smartphone (which is most of the time!) This has boosted sales exponentially for businesses which have embraced ‘mobile’. These businesses are seeing a massive return on investment and gaining excellent numbers of returning customers.

Those businesses which have the right user friendly, engaging, meaningful content and videos, especially with well placed, relevant ‘calls to action’ are reaping the rewards. On the other hand, those businesses which are not mobile friendly are experiencing record breaking ‘bounce rates’. (This means that users visiting from smart devices are skipping away from their sites and off to one of their mobile friendly competitors!) Naturally there will be many winners and losers and a large number of businesses which do not get mobile friendly quickly will go out of business.

Mobile smartphones and tablets, are the strongest selling medium we have ever seen. (When provided with the right content, as above). The power to be in all of your potential customers pockets and found first with effective modern mobile SEO, is exceptionally strong both now and especially in the near future as more and more users adopt and get proficient with smartphones and tablets.

Mobile e-commerce is leading the way when it comes to the development of mobile websites, the change in such a short time is breathtaking. Only a couple of years ago, you would not be able to perform e-commerce on mobile. Now, you expect to be able to! A big change is the simplicity of integrated payment methods, now you can pay for something from a mobile e-commerce store in three clicks rather than ten ‘stages’. This has lead to much higher conversion rates very quickly!

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